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5G and WiFi are now the Ultimate Radar

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Digital Statistical Radar is the Future

5G Radar, Built using carrier-grade or mil-spec chips from the most trusted names in the industry. Unlock the potential of any communications or radar system from L-band to E-band.


Stand-alone solutions built on carrier- or military-grade chips to secure your assets today. Hyper-spectral radar can see through walls and other materials to separate targets.

3D scanning through walls. If you get a signal, the radar can scan you. Full accuracy enabling vital sign detection and tracking at any range
Area Denial
5G carrier-grade AESA antenna for area monitoring. Long range, fast scan rate and adjustable scan patterns to completely and reliably monitor any area.
Virtual Fence
Long range focused beam and low system power. Battery-backed solar power and wireless networking options for set-and-forget operation.

AR / VR / XR

5G is designed from the ground-up for low-latency mobile operation to enable real-time operation for all kinds of applications, from massively multiplayer games like Pokemon GO!, to robotic surgery. That same tech can now be used for radar. Its the only tech fast enough to keep up with the action!

High-quality data without interference. Cooperative data leveraging headset wireless signals
Continuous real time 3d reconstruction of environment for full immersion and interaction

Drones & Robotics

Where drones go, 5G follows. 5G is a critical technology to support the growth of the drone ecosystem, thanks to its low latency and high bandwidth. 5G now takes that final step to directly measure the world in real-time so that drones can operate safely and effectively.

Track each other’s location. Cooperative sensing of the environment. Our multi-user capability enables many drones to operate in the same environment simultaneously, without interference
GPS Denied
Next-gen. autonomy: GPS without the satellite. Navigate in places that either cannot have GPS, or where GPS is compromised.
Drone Interceptors
Very high-speed sensing to match the dynamic situation of drone-to-drone operations.


Digital Statistical Radar (DSR) is the only sensing tech that not only avoids interference but uses it, by design.

Exterior Monitoring
Open another dimension in sensing by using redundant sensors for advanced data fusion, without interference from others.
Interior Monitoring
Full-cabin monitoring regardless of position or number of passengers, human or otherwise. Real-time vital sign extraction for attentiveness while driving and safety when parked.
Our Partners

Our Partners

Core Features

The technology on this page is covered by over 30 international patents and patents pending


Complex scenes like urban environments or multiplayer AR/VR games require target separation for proper operation. Works together with multi-user feature for next-gen features


Direct-sequence Spread Spectrum: widely regarded as the best class of radar. Built on carrier-grade and mil-spec chips from the most trusted names in the industry


Multiple systems, operating at different wavelengths measure the same scene. Differences in materials can be exploited for enhanced operation, like seeing through walls

Multi User

Systems can co-exit in the same area without coordination. Systems can also work together to gather much more data either by design or when more users enter an area


The radar signal is secure against electronic attack. The signal resists capture and analysis from signals intelligence methods.

Ultra-fine accuracy
for vital signs

The smallest of motions can be detected, so that targets can be classfied, for example breathing, heart rate and micro-motions. Not affected by distance or material penetration, implement a lie detector from behind a painting!



Sayf Al-Alusi
Founder and CEO

Invented Digital Statistical Radar. Led the team to many applications of the tech

Armistead Sapp
Business Development

Former CTO of SAS, President of SouthPeak Interactive

Youssef Arhror
Chief Technology Officer

Software, firmware and data processing. Manages hardware team.

Marwan Othman
Principal Hardware Engineer

Hardware development from bits to antennas

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